George joins Pease, Patrick, Wright-Patterson and Wurtsmith Air Force bases with communities now coming forward.
When the soldier's pistol jammed, all he had was a claw hammer and the light from a single candle to complete the mission.
The governors of Maryland and Virginia said they are recalling members of their states’ National Guard from the U.S.-Mexico border because they disagree with federal policy of separating immigrant children from their families.
How do you build a new military service from scratch?
The V-280 Valor took to the skies above Amarillo, Texas, in its first public demonstration to a small group of reporters June 18.
There about 200 sets of remains in North Korea's possession, officials have indicated.
The victim, a 22-year-old mother, died on the scene in front of her children.
In response, the acting VA secretary accused the inspector general of overstepping his authority and hurting the department's image.
The U.S. Army’s test-firing of a 30mm gun turret from CMI Defence is seen by the Belgian firm as putting it in a privileged position.
Army Lt. Gen. Austin Miller is expected to be easily confirmed to oversee the mission despite senators' dissatisfaction with the ongoing war.
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