Soldier dies in training at Fort Jackson
The soldier's cause of death is under investigation.
Soldier sentenced to 18 months in prison for stealing weapons at Fort Bliss
He admitted he broke into vehicles on post and stole firearms.
Following attacks, Pentagon prepping to send troops to Saudi Arabia’s aid
The Pentagon will spend the weekend determining number of troops and types of equipment it will deploy to the Middle East as a response to Iran's attack on Saudi Arabian oil fields.
Navy SEAL and Marine Raider may face life in prison as they go to general court-martial for death of Green Beret
The Navy SEAL and Marine Raider accused in the murder of a Green Beret in Africa face life in federal prison without the possibility of parole when they each head to general court-martial.
Veteran suicides increase despite host of prevention, mental health efforts
About 17 veterans a day die by suicide, according to a new VA report.
Army’s new chief looks to prep the force for large-scale combat
Being ready at home station and being ready to deploy over the Atlantic Ocean are two very different undertakings.
About a mile of new wall built each day along Mexico border, Pentagon says
The Army Corps of Engineers awarded about $2.5 billion in projects in April and May to build 129 miles of the border wall in New Mexico, Arizona and California.
Progress on recovering missing troops, but still a daunting task ahead
Officials from the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency identified more than 200 missing service members this fiscal year.
Why failure to reintegrate tens of thousands of ex-Taliban fighters is dangerous
This is just one of multiple issues plaguing reintegration efforts, which have not proven effective in the past.
Saudis couldn’t stop attack on oil facilities, even with top US defenses
Saudi Arabia spent billions to protect a kingdom built on oil but could not stop the suspected Iranian drone and missile attack, exposing gaps that even America’s most advanced weaponry failed to fill.
Former SEAL, SOCOM boss McRaven says we’re going to be in Afghanistan ‘for a very long time’
Retired Adm. Bill McRaven believes negotiating with the Taliban is the wrong move.
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