A look at one of the four military- and veteran-focused charities that received $37,500 as part of this year’s Newman’s Own Awards. For more on the award program and on other award recipients, including the $50,000 winner, click here.

Charity/program: The child care assistance program run by the Los Angeles-based Foundation for Women Warriors.

What it does: The program provides child care scholarships and stipends to enable veteran mothers to maintain employment or pursue education. The foundation helps female veterans make a successful transition to civilian life.

What the money will do: This $37,500 award will allow the organization to provide 88 women and children with a combined 1,440 days of child care, said Jodie Grenier, executive director of the organization.

In brief: Scholarships are provided for summer, winter and after-care camp for working or student veteran mothers, and child care subsidies are paid to license child care providers for children, infants to age 5.