GLEN ROCK, Pa. — A Pennsylvania town has reached a detente over a former councilman’s broadcast of taps through loudspeakers at his home, which had caused complaints and lawsuit threats.

The Glen Rock Borough Council voted Nov. 15 to move the nightly playing of “Taps” to a public park as part of a veteran’s memorial.

Joshua Corney, a lieutenant commander in the Navy, has been playing a recording of ”Taps” from his home nightly for about two years. Last spring, he added loudspeakers.

Several neighbors complained it created a disturbance.

Over the summer, the council restricted Corney’s broadcast to Sunday nights and certain flag holidays.

The York Dispatch reports the American Civil Liberties Union threatened to sue if Corney wasn’t allowed to play it.

Corney says he’ll continue playing taps at home until the speakers at the Glen Rock Park are installed. It’s not clear when that will happen.